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Ventilator Training

Hands-on class for healthcare professionals working with mechanical ventilators.


This hands-on class is designed for healthcare professionals who will be working with mechanical ventilators.  Concepts included in this course are: 

  • Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation
  • Pressure vs. flow triggering
  • Modes of Ventilation
  • Ventilator alarms
  • Troubleshooting methods
  • ABG interpretation
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Upon completion of this course the healthcare provider will be able to define basic terms and concepts of mechanical ventilation, describe indications of mechanical ventilation, understand the difference between oxygenation and ventilation, identify initial parameters, settings and special issues associated with ventilator setup, trouble shoot and recognize alarms, and evaluate patient response to the ventilator.

This is a 5 hour course is designed to give you confidence in dealing with a person receiving mechanical ventilation.  Our course features hands on training and real life scenarios.

Ventilator Training - $120.00

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