Lifesaver Education  1510 Huntington Drive South Pasadena, CA 91030

Lifesaver Education Testimonials

This facility always provides excellent instructors, classes and they make it enjoyable.

- Cindy T. 7-21-2013

I was very confused by rhythms until this ECG class.

Diana D.  12-16-2016

The facility is very clean, they use modern equipment and the instructor was very knowledgeable.

Craig P., RN  12-08-2016

I felt that this class was a very good way of reviewing CPR. Kevin is very easy going and made the class stress free.

Esperanza T.  11-23-2016

The class is fun and provides a good, happy environment. It does not feel stressful at all.

Mary C.  11-18-2016

I really appreciated the amount of actual compression and breathing training done. The facility is outstanding and very comfortable. Thanks Bethanie for a great place to take ACLS and BLS!

Wendy H., RN  9-12-2016

Wonderful class. All lessons were taught with clarity. I had a very enjoyable time. Grateful for all the hands on practice.

Gerry O.  7-27-2016

This course can be stressful, but Bethanie made the class fun to take.

Sophana Y., LVN  7-20-2016

As usual this class meets all of my needs. The instructions and directions are quite clear in a non stressful environment (which is appreciated). I have been taking this class for years and I love it, thank you!

Monica G.  7-19-2016

Excellent facility and instructor. I have consistently renewed my BLS with them, as well as my PALS certification.

Samson L., RN  6-17-2016

Great instructor, assisted with help when needed. Answered questions when I was unsure. He was very knowledgeable and had a full extent of experience.

Veronica R.  6-14-2016

Great, friendly instructor. Clean facility and equipment. Second course taken here, will return again!

Angelica J.  4-28-2016

Good equipment. I really like the mannequins with the clicker inside to help you feel how hard to compress.

Amy Z., PT  2-24-2016

Bethanie is by far "THE BEST" BLS/ACLS instructor I have ever had. She is knowledgeable, clear, concise, methodical, and extremely intelligent. She is patient with my questions, and respectful with her answers. I would never go anywhere else. Thank you Bethanie.

Adrianna E., RN  2-06-2016

I enjoyed this (BLS) class. Jeremiah was helpful and professional. Will definitely come back in 2 years to renew my CPR. Thank you!

Mui H.  12-18-2015

Amazing instructors. They both helped in alleviating anxieties that come with ACLS. Thank you!

Chelsea P. RN  10-31-2015

Love it here. Very much worth the commute. Very organized, low stress, and very professional staff.

Nancy P.  10-25-2015

Excellent instruction and facility. Conducive for learning facility. Instructor demonstrated mastery of knowledge and skills for leading the course.

Dianne R., RN   10-18-2015

Enjoyed this class. Looking forward to coming back in 2 years.

Elizabeth A.  10-11-2015

David was very thorough and engaging in his course instruction, and kept the class interesting!

Michelle L.  10-04-2015

Instructor was well versed in the topics. Explained materials in a clear and concise manner.

Michelle G.  9-30-2015

Instructor is confident, concise, entertaining and very informative. She was patient and professional. Nice big room and big TV's, comfortable chairs and air conditioning.

Michael J., RN  9-26-2015

I've been coming here for several years now & will continue to come for many more. Always exceeds my expectations.

Margarita S.  9-06-2015

Funny. Provided useful additional knowledge. Worth waking up for a 8AM class on a Sunday.

Sharif S.  8-23-2015

Excellent facility. Pleasant, well-educated instructors - make the class enjoyable - less stressful.

Melissa G.  8-19-2015

Enjoyed the class very much. Excellent instructor a courteous staff. Would definitely come back!

Patricia  8-14-2015

[David] Good sense of humor, easy going, made the class enjoyable. Really like the review given after each section and final review at the end.

Jonathan T.   8-02-2015

Clear, concise and very informative. Jennifer offered excellent guidance and training.

Debbi C.  7-25-2015

This is a [ACLS] renewal & I feel more confident than my first class. Very clear and straight forward.

Olivia H., RN  7-25-2015

I was very pleased with this course. It was very helpful and professional. With my new skills for CPR, I believe I can use them confidently in an emergency situation.

Aron R.   7-07-2015

Ernold was very good with clear instructions and taught the class very well.

Kris G., RN  6-15-2015

Amazing instructors! Spoke clearly with great instructions. They answered all of my questions. Patrick is a great instructor!

Seciah A.  5-22-2015

ACLS was efficient and professional. I will return and have recommended others to your facility.

Gail D., RN  4-29-2015

Awesome and professional instructors. Well thought course with the materials. Will recommend to friends and family.

Janette B., RN  4-29-2015

Great job by John to simplify all the learning material.

Edmund H.  4-29-2015

The instructor, Thanh has been my favorite so far! She is compassionate towards students and a great teacher.

Eva S., Student  4-21-2015

Very impressed with the website and the ease of registration.

Mitchell L.  4-09-2015

It was very helpful and efficient to have enough equipment to go around each trainee. David was also very friendly, knowledgeable and engaging.

Danielle L.,   4-09-2015

Jason was excellent, he made me relax and helped me to be confidant and competent.

Tim R.  3-20-2015

I'm happy with the small class size, it made learning more enjoyable. Jason was very nice and knowledgeable.

Sarah O.  3-06-2015

John was awesome; he took his time with us. He even looked at my strips from work. Very professional and easy to understand. Thank you!

Regina D., RN  3-06-2015

Facility and equipment are clean. Staff and instructors are professional, polite, and easy to understand. Thanh communicated effectively, while being friendly.

Alma A., RN  2-25-2015

Great instructors, very knowledgeable, focused on the right material, with a supportive learning environment. Great facilities and equipment. Also, nice to have water, coffee, and snacks. Highly satisfied.

Farah O., RN  2-09-2015

John's great, very kind, patient, and knowledgeable.

Diana R., RN  2-03-2015

Mr. Lamb was an engaging and fun instructor to take BLS from.

Alexandra L., Dental Hygienist  1-29-2015

The small class size makes teaching more effective and quick.

Rachel S.  1-27-2015

Bethanie does a fantastic job of providing fun, non intimidating environment to learn. She's very knowledgeable and provides clear feedback on questions during class and skills time.

Ryan B., RN  1-20-2015

Instructor was excellent. I've attended hospital sponsored classes before but this ACLS class is delivered well, in a relaxed environment. I actually understood and grasped the ACLS concepts and Megacodes better here then elsewhere.

Kenneth L., MD  12-01-2014

I always come back to take classes here because all the instructors are so nice and they don't make it a stressful environment.

Alyssa C., RN  10-01-2014

I have taken a BLS class before at another location, but I believe this is the best CPR/BLS class I have taken so far. Very good instructor. Jennifer was awesome! I like how she was clear and didn't rush anything.

Diana C.  9-11-2014

Best non stressful, informative, easy to learn ACLS class out there!

Sara Z., RN  8-30-2014

The Instructor kept things lively and informed the class of his CPR technique preferences using his experiences, which gave me excellent food for thought.

Marina, N  8-20-2014

I have continuously come to this site for AHA Courses, John is always good, class is always clean and courses are alway organized. I will continue to come to this location.

Tai S.   8-03-2014

Everything was great. I loved the humor, as it relieved me of anxiety while providing me with the history of CPR, real life scenarios and concise facts.

Erla P.  7-02-2014

Lifesaver Education is great. I've been coming here for years. Even though my facility offers BLS for free, I still prefer taking my BLS and ACLS here.

Richard P.  6-29-2014

I always renew my BLS/CPR here at Lifesaver Ed. I find the instructors to be awesome and really appreciate the small class size. Jennifer was very thorough and helpful overall.

Denisse B.  6-19-2014

This instructor was great! She was very informative, clear, patient and funny. Not an easy task at 8am on a weekend!

Erika G.  6-01-2014

Excellent course, I have been coming here for 5+ years and will continue to do so.

Omar M., MD  5-22-2014

Edward was great. He gave important details not included in the video. I also liked his real world stories because they help you to remember.

Lindsay G., Dental Student  5-11-2014

I take all my classes at Lifesaver Education in Pasadena even though I can take free classes at work and live 3 hours away. It is completely worth it to drive 3 hours because I learn more, I retain more of what I learn and it is comfortable and professional here.

Tobias B., RN  4-27-2014

Great course. Professional, competent, efficient instructors and excellent facilities.

John C., MD  4-08-2014

The instructors knowledge base and teaching skills are in the top 10% of all classes I have attended in the past 28 years.

Tim A., EMT-P  3-29-2014

Phenomenal class, especially for not being a health provider. I feel very confident now when my infant might need me to save his life.

Jamie F.  3-05-2014

The course was well taught. I took a BLS class in school. It was not as informative. I feel more comfortable with BLS now.

Veronica F RN  2-11-2014

Our instructor was amazing, I am renewing and feel the second time around, he had a lot to teach me that I didn't know before. It made for a whole better understanding for me.

Ingrid R. RN  2-07-2014

This course was AMAZING. I learned so much. I was very nervous and apprehensive but instructors answered all my questions and made learning fun and comprehensible. Very knowledgeable and great teachers.

Dorothy F., student nurse  2-01-2014

You and your team to a wonderful job. I recommend you to everyone I work with!

Mary Anne H., RN  12-02-2013

I like the way she conducts class, interesting!

Carmen F., RN   11-30-2013

Will not be going anywhere else for a renewal again.

Andrew G., EMT-P  11-10-2013

This is the most relaxed, stress free ACLS course ever! I will see you in two years.

Carmela T., RN  8-16-2013

[ECG] Instructor was very knowledgeable, professional & humorous. Good powerpoints. Clean facility.

Ross S., LVN  8-01-2013

This facility always provides excellent instructors, classes and they make it enjoyable.

Cindy T.  7-21-2013

[Heartsaver First Aid] Excellent, knowledgeable and caring.

Robin M.  7-20-2013

Good training, professional instructor and informative class.

Carlo M., CNA  7-17-2013

Excellent! I continue to take classes here & enjoy all of them -- thank you! [ACLS]

Lindsay P., RN  7-16-2013

I am confident that I will be able to be an effective medical provider in a code team after this [PALS] class.

Adorlette L., RN  7-10-2013

Overall I enjoyed the [Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED] class. Very helpful and easy going. I would recommend this class to my family/friends and coworkers.

Guadalupe M.  7-06-2013

Great [ACLS] course. Overall, the pace was just right for all levels of healthcare workers.

Thomas D., RN  6-27-2013

Perfect atmosphere, very good instructors. See you on my next [ACLS] renewal! Thank you.

Beatrice B., ICU  6-23-2013

Instructor made the class enjoyable as well as informative.

Anthony V., EMT  6-19-2013

Great course. Specific and to the point. Will renew here again.

Lauri P., LVN  6-18-2013

Excellent facility; John is very patient and explains the scenarios very well.

Kathy D., RN  6-11-2013

This is the best PALS class I've had in my 30 yrs of practice.

Julia H., RN  5-30-2013

Really enjoy and trust the quality. [BLS]

Rebecca B., Intern  5-22-2013

The [ECG] instructor was very knowledgeable. He took the time to teach every single rhythm correctly and made sure we all understood.

Nikki T., RN  5-18-2013

This was a great class [BLS] for anyone to take regardless of whether they are a medical professional. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone. The instructor was extremely friendly and knowledgeable; he made the class interesting.

Kristy B.  5-06-2013

As always, John provided a succinct but concise course review. I only do ACLS here now 2/2 for John's teaching style.

Omar M., MD  4-21-2013

I love Lifesaver Ed -- I've been here the past 3 certifications & will continue to do so -- thank you! Fast, efficient, intelligent & clear [PALS Renewal].

Georgina B., RN  4-17-2013

David Lamb is FUNNY! Made the course fun, easy to understand & short.

Elizabeth B., Educator  4-03-2013

Great [BLS] class, will definitely renew here again!

Natalie R., Student  4-01-2013

Instructors are professional & caring, facility clean & comfortable.

David G., RN  3-29-2013

Great instruction, constructive feedback, points out the most relevant information, encourages critical thinking.

Adrian D., RN  3-27-2013

Great course. This is my 3rd ACLS Renewal at Lifesaver Ed and I prefer to come here than get a random instructor at work. I know I will learn here.

Leigh W., RN  3-26-2013

This is the best CPR class and school I've ever been to.

Bienvenido P.  3-17-2013

Clear, concise, to the point, professional, clean, and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you! I will definitely recommend this class to other coworkers!

Sandra F.  3-17-2013

This has been the best BLS recert I've ever taken!

Jen C., RN UCLA  2-28-2013

Best BLS class I have ever taken.

Taleen A., Med Student  2-28-2013

Anxiety level from 10 to 0 as class progressed. Great instructor.

De Vaul C., R.N.  2-28-2013

Great job! Love taking classes here.

Miriam W. RN  2-24-2013

The course was very thorough. I like that the instructor was experienced and used skills on a daily basis. Just proves that it actually works.

Byanca R.  2-22-2013

This was probably the best CPR class I have ever taken. What a fun class -- fun teacher.

Mandy V.  2-21-2013

Instructors were straightforward and amicable w/beneficial and related anecdotes.

Juan S., RT  2-06-2013

AMAZING INSTRUCTOR! Very clear, well spoken, knowledgeable. Made course fun, easy and quick! Will highly recommend to others. [ACLS]

Marineh A., RN  2-02-2013

Once again excellent course -- worth the drive. Good facilities; great instructors; good working equipment & well organized.

Celeste S.,  1-31-2013

Excellent explanations & examples throughout the course. [ACLS]

Wess H., DDS, MD  1-28-2013

Just relocated to CA and I just found a site that I will use in the next so long! Try it!

Cristina M., RN  1-23-2013

Wonderful, clear, quick & friendly. [Heartsaver CPR AED]

Zach B. Personal Trainer  1-22-2013

Everything was just great, which is why I keep coming back.

Christina B.  1-16-2013

Honestly speaking, my experience at Lifesaver Education was one of the best. They really make sure that you not just acquire the skills, but also have the correct knowledge.

Kristina A.  1-13-2013

The instruction was great! Low stress environment, I liked the one day format.

Cerill G.  1-05-2013

Great instructor, which made the learning more interactive and enjoyable.

Manuela A., LVN  1-02-2013

The facility is very clean and organized, up to date materials used; Very knowledgeable and fun instructors, Bethany & David. I highly recommend David very fun and interactive MEGA CODE.

Katheryne P., RN  12-31-2012

I really liked the facility and all the equipment available. I would definitely come back and recommend it to friends. Great instructor. Thanks.

Sara H., RN  12-09-2012

Love Lifesaver Ed -- been taking ACLS & PALS for years . . . best classes here!

Debbie R., RN  11-26-2012

I read great reviews on, and fortunately 100% true. This place is professional, clean, easy to find, perfect (small) class sizes, AND instructors are very knowledgable and nice. I could not be more satisfied.

Jesse B.  11-07-2012

This course outline really helps to simplify the textbook material that can get overwhelming. Pre-studying the outline, knowing rythms and effective teaching helps to make this class very effective. You leave with the ACLS knowledge/experience.

Melissa C., RN  9-30-2012

This is my 2nd class with this facility and with this instructor. Both classes have been fun, interesting, and successful. John knows the class information very well and makes the material easy to understand.

Jennifer K., RN  7-11-2012

This is the best place to take ACLS. Even though I can take ACLS at my workplace, I always come here because the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and really want students to be successful.

Trish M., RN  5-27-2012

Great class! Highly recommended. Smaller group, more intimate settings helps you learn & retain information better.


This is the best course I have taken. I actually learn the material instead of just passing the test.

Alvera A., RN  5-02-2012

This is an awesome course. I have had the privilege of having these two instructors previously and they are amazing, knowledgeable and professional. This class is comfortable and enjoyable.

Joanne B., RN  4-14-2012

Great location with ample parking and nice facility. Wonderful instructor, professional, personable, and effecient. Well organized instruction which ran on time.

Catherine C.  3-28-2012

This course was one of the most comprehensive ACLS classes that I ever had in 15 years of nursing. Excellent instructors, learned alot, feel better prepared for the mega code!

Cynthia O., RN  11-26-2011

The (ACLS) lessons were clear, plenty of visuals and hands on practice. Very well equipt. Instructors were enthusiastic and very approachable.

Serothil N., MD  10-29-2011

Completely satisfied with the excellent presentation (BLS). Nancy is AWESOME! I enjoyed the faciltiy and how thoroughly the info was presented.

Neisha M.  9-13-2011

I've done BLS, ACLS, & ECG at other facilities and this was by far the most efficient from registration to testing. The instruction was also top-notch.

Jennilee S., RN  9-03-2011

This is now my 3rd visit to Lifesaver Ed & they continue to be true to their word, low stress, fun, clear, instructors. Could not recommend them highly enough.

John S.  7-30-2011

Instructors were awesome, knowledgeable, helpful. I would definately take this course here agian!

Kimone P., MD  6-08-2011

Excellent Facility/Set-Up/Equipment/Instructors. Easily the best ACLS providers in my expereince of 25+ years.

Ignacio A., MD  5-27-2011

Overall this was an overwhelmingly friendly and positive experience with first-rate teaching. Thank you so very much for making ACLS fun and non-threatening.

Paul H., MD  5-14-2011

Very clean facility, best I've ever been to. Worth every cent, amazing instructor (John). Will recommend to all my nursing friends.

Diane K.  3-14-2011

Lifesaver Education is a wonderful place. Every instructor that I've encountered has been not only extensively knowledgeable, but also very effective in teaching. [NRP]

Trevor E., EMT  3-04-2011

It's obvious to me that both instructors are very knowledgeable about PALS. I'm glad I returned the second time (first BLS, now PALS.) It's worth the trip & the money. I learned a lot.

Digna G., RN  2-23-2011

Great presentation -- easy to follow -- highlights and important changes stressed. A learning experience for even the experienced. [ACLS]

Brad I., RN  1-31-2011

Pleasant instructors, clean facility, and knowledgeable, approachable instructors. Efficient course; would recommend to everyone. Liked the facility so much I took every course offered! [NRP]

Kameron P., RN  1-14-2011

Have been ACLS certified for 32 years. This program & instructors are A+++! Thank you!

Sharon S., RN  1-07-2011

Very clear and easy to understand. Great instruction! I would recommend this class [ECG & Pharmacology] to all nursing students prior to taking advanced med surg.

Unknown Student  1-04-2011

Great course, professional instructors. Very informative, well organized and prepared. Excellent course! Will recommend to friends / co-workers! [ACLS]

Monesha L., RN  12-20-2010

I would recommend taking the ACLS course here to everyone. It was fantastic. Thank you for making it as 'stressless' as possible.

Erin S., RN  12-04-2010

This is the best CPR class I have ever had in my entire health care profession. Scott also was very nice.

Cletus O.  11-10-2010

The most outstanding ACLS course I've ever should always be like this!

Mohammed B., MD  11-09-2010

This was one of the best advanced life support courses I have ever taken. Thanks.

Richard G., RN  10-22-2010

It made it so much more efficient to have so much equipment available. Excellent instructors seemed to care that we learned.

Linda H., RN  10-22-2010

The instructor is outstanding! Clear, concise and very knowledgeable. I would and will recommend this course to others in my professional setting! [PALS]

Diana R., RN  10-21-2010

Great instructor, will take all my requirements with Lifesaver Ed.

Jean U., N.P.  9-19-2010

Efficient, engaging instructor, great equipment/facilities. Was thrilled to complete this course in 1 day. Learned just as much or more than a traditional 2-day course.

Tiffany C., M.D.  7-25-2010

One of the best certification classes I've taken. Thanks. [PALS]

Anne B., RN  6-06-2010

I really enjoyed the PALS course, it was a wonderful stress-free environment. I believe I learned more here than in previously taken PALS courses at other facilities. It was well worth the drive. Thank you.

Helen S., RN  6-06-2010

It is the first time I really learned and understood a lot of things in EKG. Thank you, John.

Farida K.  5-03-2010

I liked the hands-on training. The class was more practical than any other CPR course I have taken in the past.

Mary S.  4-24-2010

This was the best PALS course I've taken. John was an excellent instructor and a huge asset to your organization.

Doug G., RN  4-23-2010

Craig's relaxed and soft spoken attitude is perfect for learning the skills of a high stress situation. I feel more confident about my skills after taking his class than in any other instruction received over the past 15 years.

Erin D., RN  3-30-2010

Presentation was smooth and precise. The instructors were both professional and well educated as it relates to curriculum and lectures. Very good job!

Jason M., NREMTP  3-08-2010

The best CPR course I have taken in 13 years. Thank you.

Audrey S.  2-27-2010

Wonderful environment, taught in a "non-threatening" manner. You guys are great! Thank you!

Elisa L., RN  2-27-2010

Everyone was very nice and accomodating. They were very clear in teaching the class and worked to ensure we understood the material well. I wish Lifesaver Ed was nation-wide!

Tonya H., RN  2-12-2010

Great Course. 3rd time back. Recommend to everyone.

Cynthia D., RN  2-01-2010

This is my second time at this facility and I really enjoy taking my courses here. Although my job offers them for free, I'd rather pay the fee and take my courses here. Thanks!

Sofia M., RN  2-01-2010

Again excellent class -- very well organized and communicated. Have taken other EKG class. This was superior.

Ken L., RN  1-16-2010

This [ECG & Pharmacology] course REALLY needs to be suggested during nursing school. Simply not covered adequately during school. Very easy to learn & understand rhythms. Thank you!

April M., RN Student  1-16-2010

Great class, great instructor, easy to learn and comprehend. Will definitely use again and refer my friends.

Louis F., EMT-P  12-30-2009

Wonderful! It (ECG) was better than the whole cardiac module in school.

Claire T., RN  12-10-2009

Bethanie is a perfect instructor. Very thorough and easy to understand. Her material is awesome. She has got a very high standard. Looking forward to attending other classes with her. Thank you very much.

Maria V., RN  12-01-2009

The course was extremely professional and a great help to my knowledge in ACLS. I will recommend this and the EKG/Pharmacology course to all my friends.

Daniel S., RN  11-29-2009

Very high quality and hands-on training compared to the average training facility.

Ricardo O., RN  11-24-2009

Excellent set-up of facility. Will return for next certification.

Erica B., RN  11-23-2009

Wonderful! It was better than the whole cardiac module in school.

Clair T., RN  11-21-2009

Excellent facility, parking, audiovisual equipment, instructor, location. Perfect everything.

Pejman B., R.N.  11-07-2009

Great instructor! Thank you. Very clear presentation of the information.

Karine C.  11-02-2009

I have taken PALS & recertified x2 and this is the best course I've ever taken. This is the most accessible. Love having repetetive access to mannequins & also the instructor was clear, precise & emphasized important points very effectively.

Julie W., MD  10-18-2009

Excellent! I felt well prepared and everything was presented in an easy and understandable manner. Thank you!

Rona K., RN  9-10-2009

I have been an RN for more than 20 years and this is by far the best BLS course. The instructor was very clear, we all got to practice the skills. The instructor made the class fun!!!

Dinorah C., RN  8-17-2009

I am very pleased with the instructors and their effective and accelerated environment. Also really appreciated the positive attitudes, friendliness, and high competency of the instructors. Thank you!

Jennifer E., RN  7-29-2009

I just want to say thank you for making your PALS Class stress free and enjoyable...It was well worth the drive from Fresno, CA to Pasadena, CA...Hope I see you for ACLS in the future.

Thong N., RN  7-14-2009

I liked the course because it was down to the point and yet stress free. The instructor is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable in the class. Thanks a bunch.

Raffi B., RN  6-11-2009

I have taken these classes multiple times now and this is the best one yet! Very informative--the review of rhythms was helpful and not redundant. I am very impressed and will surely renew here again. Thank you!!

Monica S., RN  5-27-2009

Excellent instruction. Clear, concise and engaging instruction.

Anne N., CRNA  4-11-2009

Instructor was excellent, thorough and respectful to different experiences and backgrounds.

Tania R., RN  4-11-2009

I highly recommend this class. They really prepare for the students. John is amazing, helps students learn the topic and make sure everyone understands. Clean facility! The class is intense but John made it fun, engaging, and insightful. I learned so much that will help me remember my skills

Tiffany M., RN  12-19-2016

Highly satisfied with the level of detail discussed during the entire class. David made this class fun as well as informative. I have not laughed and learned quite as much as today in a long time. Customer forever!

Gladys Q.  9-26-2016

The instructors were so welcoming and organized. They helped build my confidence in the skills thoroughly throughout the day.

Nicole K.  8-12-2016

Great facility, easy to schedule classes. Nice clean classroom and equipment. Instructor is professional and class outline easy to follow.

Yvonne P., RN  7-26-2016

Overall great experience and loved the instructor Levi! I am walking out more educated.

David M.  7-02-2016

Always excellent courses provided here at Lifesaver Education. I have been attending this site on/off since 2008 and it remains the top choice!

Gilberto L.  6-30-2016

Excellent Facility and Instructor. Always knowledgeable and willing to teach.

Nadia H., DDS, MD  6-14-2016

I have been coming here for 10 years, would not go anywhere else!

Lauren G., DDS.  6-13-2016

The instructor was great! Loved his energy and teaching style.

Michelle O., LVN  6-10-2016

This course gets better every time I take it, and it was great to start with. John does a great job explaining "why" treatment is prescribed which helps retention. Very encouraging learning environment.

Carolyn G., PA  6-10-2016

Awesome instructors in a great facility; class was very well organized. Great experience with Megacode simulation.

Robert V., RN  2-09-2016

Great location, clean and up-to-date facility/equipment. Great instructors who know their stuff & explain topics very well.

Ciara Y.  1-10-2016

The course outline was exceptionally thorough and broke down each topic in an organized, clear way. Instructor was great in answering and demonstrating all our questions.

Kristen L., RN  12-26-2015

I loved how my instructor (Jason) was clear about important points on technique and made sure I was doing it the right way.

Lus T.   11-01-2015

Jennifer was great! I've been coming here for years - wouldn't go anywhere else!

Laura O.   10-22-2015

Thorough class. Understanding of student stress. Explains well and uses real life experiences to underscore concept being discussed.

Christina T., RN  10-17-2015

Very satisfied. Lifesaver takes away stress of testing/megacodes Classes are taught well.

Marinellie M., RN  10-11-2015

It was a great course, we had enough time to practice and all questions were answered. Very satisfied.

Yvette A.  10-01-2015

David is an excellent instructor. Knowledgeable in regards to course material and effective in presentation. This is the second time he has been my instructor.

Rexford M., RN  9-27-2015

I like the frequency of the classes - easy to find one that fit my schedule.

Deborah G.  9-24-2015

John was clear, concise, funny, not boring. Tea/snacks are great. Love the clean bathrooms!!!

Joyce R., RN  9-23-2015

Jennifer is a great instructor. She is very clear and explains objectives of the course very well.

Christine L.  8-24-2015

Everything was clean and tidy. Instructor corrected my CPR techniques which help me to learn how to do them properly.

Esthela R.  8-20-2015

Wonderful course and instruction. Very convenient scheduling.

Jung K.  8-10-2015

Awesome! Informative, helpful & entertaining on a Sunday morning. Thanks!

Stephanie Z.  8-02-2015

It was a great course. Well taught. Great and friendly instructor.

Itzel R.  7-29-2015

It was perfectly concise and effective. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this [BLS] course. Both instructors were excellent teachers.

Austin G.   7-27-2015

Presented info that is practical and used real-life examples in Mega Code simulation. Effective strategy. Equipment/devices are up-to-date.

Christina D., RN  7-22-2015

The instructor is very good. He is very concise and very effective! Everything is easy to remember. I am confident to rescue lives now! Keep it up!

Rannie E.  7-03-2015

Very satisfied! Instructor covered material in a clear and fun way. Kept my attention.

Elissa R.  6-15-2015

This was a fantastic experience. Our instructor was very informative and interesting. She made this course a pleasure to attend and I will refer others to go to Lifesaver Education

Christopher F., Dental Student  5-04-2015

Excellent emphasis of important material. The instructor reiterated important information at the video pauses which was helpful.

Andrew W., MD  4-29-2015

David is funny, makes you less anxious, thanks David!

Ailsa H.  4-29-2015

Jason was very patient and accommodating to each student making sure none of us were left behind

Kenneth L., MD  4-21-2015

Great job! Very clear and supportive. I will continue to renew with your company each renewal; even if I have to pay for it instead of using the one provided at my hospital.

Joyce S., RN  4-09-2015

The course was very well organized and relaxing to learn everything we needed to learn.

Allesha J., RN  3-20-2015

Jennifer was an excellent instructor and was very attentive to the needs of the students; additionally, she is very knowledgeable, patient, courteous and compassionate. She is an asset to Lifesaver Education.

Joanne B., RN  3-20-2015

Of all the different places I have taken PALS, John is by far the best instructor I've had. I go out of my way to take PALS/ACLS here.

Travis P., RN  2-25-2015

John was very helpful and encouraging. The mock code was intimidating at first, but it turned out to be a calm process. Thank you!

Jessica S., RN  2-13-2015

Although, I was very nervous at first, Bethanie, helped aliviate my stress by making learning less intense and carefree. Enjoyed the facility and instructor. Will be back to take the PALS Course.

Vanessa B., RN Student  2-09-2015

You guys are awesome. I always appreciate all of the knowledge. I always learn new things.

Rebecca Y., RN  1-31-2015

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and having patience with all of us.

Vicki H., RN  1-20-2015

Instructor was fun and informative, making the class time go quickly. I enjoyed the smaller class size and everyone having their own equipment.

Danielle Y., RN  1-13-2015

I really feel prepared and much more confident in my ability to assist in a code situation. Thank you.

Netta L., RN  12-08-2014

The instructions were very clear. I was nervous at first due to my lack of prior knowledge but I was able to feel comfortable learning new information.

Alicia E.  11-08-2014

This is one of the best CPR classes I've taken. Very clear information.

Donna S.  10-21-2014

Keep up the good work!! Have been renewing my BLS, ACLs and PALS here for years!

Alicia K., NP  9-29-2014

The email alert that I received from Lifesaver Education, which reminded me that my BLS was about to expire was a true Lifesaver!!! Jason Wong's relaxed and helpful disposition made the course less intimidating and completely tolerable. He had no problem answering all of my "real life" application questions either.

Veronica M.  9-07-2014

Very satisfied with the easiness of enrolling in the class and also availabilities of class. Instructors were also friendly and helpful.

SophiaL., Pharmacy Student  8-14-2014

Very easy to enroll online. Very clear and thorough information was given.

Angelique P.  7-28-2014

Facility has always maintained very professional and clean appearance, with excellent instructors that have been welcoming since 2008. I always recommend when asked where someone should take a BLS course.

Gilberto L.  7-03-2014

Awesome! Edward was very informative, often giving his own personal experiences.

Lauren V., Nursing Student  6-30-2014

This course is great. This is my third renewal here. I keep coming back.

Javier, C., MD  6-27-2014

3rd time back, gets better every time and very effective learning goes on here.

Joseand C.  6-24-2014

Excellent Instructor! Would highly recommend to other s at USC. Great videos and EKG simulator! Thanks!

Christa G.   6-09-2014

Small class, friendly staff, and fantastic instructor!

Alyssa K., EMT  6-04-2014

I will keep coming back. 3 years now! Great environment and small classes.

Chris C.  5-25-2014

The instructors are very helpful and answered everyone's questions. This First Aid CPR AED course was very useful and I was very satisfied. Great delivery and instructions.

Kaitlyn W.  5-17-2014

I enjoyed the class and was grateful that they made special accommodations for me to practice the skills while being pregnant :).

Maria G., LVN  4-30-2014

I love Lifesaver Ed! The facility is always clean, inviting and the staff is amazing! I'm never bored! Always fun to be here!

Natalie O., RN  4-24-2014

You are a great teacher! You took something intimidating and boring and made it fun and attainable :)

Netto S., RN  4-19-2014

David was very funny, informative and approachable. I will definitely recommend this facility to my friends.

Lesliam M., RN  3-31-2014

Hands down the best ACLS course I have been to in 8 years of nursing. Drove 3.5 hours to attend. Very knowledgeable instructor.

Justin B., RN  3-14-2014

John is always a great instructor. I always come back here because I know the instruction will be great, the instructors are knowledgeable and they have real world experience. I know I will leave here well prepared for whatever emergencies arise in the future.

Katherine L., RN  2-17-2014

The instructor kept us interested. The course was great and very easy to enroll in. I even had to reschedule and they were able to accommodate my changes.

Dale M. RN  2-04-2014

This is the third time I've taken a course here. You guys always do a great job!!

Megan H. RN  1-04-2014

I would love to rate you 5+ stars but I am social media challenged. I can't figure out how to write a review.

Mary Anne H., RN  12-03-2013

Bethanie is such a wonderful teacher. Caring, helpful, and low stress environment. Very satisfied. I will always recommend the facility!

Tracy H., RN  12-02-2013

Great [ACLS] experience, comfortable environment, provided with appropriate preparation materials, great instructor!

Juliann T., RN  8-06-2013

The [Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED] instructor was clear, simple & funny. He was very informative with the difficult questions asked.

Danielle V.  7-27-2013

Great, clear, and concise class with a superb instructor! I will be back again for more classes in the future. Thanks so much!

Eric A., EMT  7-20-2013

I recommend this [ACLS] class to my co-workers. It's a drive from Palm Springs, but well worth it.

Pamela D., RN Trauma  7-17-2013

I found this course to be the most professional I've taken. I appreciate the effective use of our time. Even though my work (hospital) provides these [classes] for free, I wouldn't hesitate to take another here in a heartbeat!

Cheryl W.  7-13-2013

As usual, excellent course & lots of interesting clinical info. Always learn something new from Bethanie's [ACLS] class & I have been in practice for 30 years.

Traci B., NP  6-29-2013

Great [ACLS] instructor &nice facility. Never disappointed coming here.

Kelly B., RN  6-21-2013

Awesome instructors. Clear and concie teaching.

Daniel A.  6-18-2013

Very happy with all aspects of this [BLS] course.

Jennifer L-N  6-17-2013

Highly satisfied! 3rd time taking a CPR course and by far the best! Clear, to-the-point.

Andrea Z.  6-13-2013

The [ACLS] teaching is always clear & concise. I appreciate that we're well prepared for skills testing but also that I'm able to retain the information taught so I can apply it to my job.

Jaculine Y., RN  6-02-2013

I drove about 2 hrs to come here because of how much I like the environment of these classes! [ACLS]

Natalie W., RN Student  5-17-2013

Great Class. [ACLS] Definitely feel more confident about responding to emergency situations. Thank you!

Jessica H., RN  5-03-2013

Great course, great instructor. Would recommend it to all my friends. [ACLS]

Paymon R., RN  4-28-2013

The instructors [Nancy, Valerie] were very friendly, answered all questions, made the information easy to understand.

Laurie J.  4-26-2013

Excellent, enjoyable and easy to remember. [BLS]

Helda M.  4-18-2013

Very happy with the course [PALS], will recommend & repeat.

Jorge T., DDS  4-13-2013

Great instructor, fast, easy, funny, clear.

Sherry L., OT  4-09-2013

All the courses (3) that I have taken here have been the most well taught, facilitated, and organized I have experienced in my 15 year career as an RN. [ACLS]

Gretchen D., RN  4-09-2013

Very informative class [PALS] and the classroom is very clean as well as the equipment. I'll definitely recommend this course to my co-workers.

Sarah H.  3-28-2013

It [ACLS Course] was awesome and easy to understand, even though I am an international student. And, the instructors are so nice and funny.

Jeong Min M., RN  3-27-2013

After my 3rd course with Lifesaver Ed, I woulde definitely come back and recommend.

Jeriel L., RN  3-20-2013

This course [ACLS] was fast, easy, on target & effective. I was able to schedule a class in 2 days. Very happy with Lifesaver Ed.

Megan M., RN  3-17-2013

Amazing course, fun teacher, highly recommended!!! [Instructor] made it fun. Will take the course again.

Haydee Z., RN  3-01-2013

Very informative. I learn something new every time I come. The instructor was very knowledgeable and makes the class fun / interactive.

Ginger M., RN  2-26-2013

Great instructors! Loved the class: very comprehensive; instructor is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Mayely L.  2-21-2013

Love it all, professional, hints to test, but still makes you think.

Tory M, RN  2-17-2013

Excellent teaching methods and real-world experience to help demonstrate reasons for techniques.

Alan Q., EMT  2-07-2013

Excellent course. I have learned so much. The atmosphere is very conducive to learning.

Alvic A.,   2-05-2013

Material was great. Instructor was clear, articulate, professional, VERY knowledgeable, encouraging. Fantastic instructor. Great course.

Michelle A., RN  2-01-2013

The instructors were great, easy going setting, felt comfortable asking questions.

Maria Reina A. H., RN  1-29-2013

I will definitely sign up for more courses in the future. Great overall experience -- far from boring!

Jeanelle A., RN  1-24-2013

[ACLS] Class was fun, easy, and fast. I enjoyed it and will be coming back for my renewal.

Connie K., RN  1-22-2013

Overall, excellent -- effective teaching with an efficient format.

David F., M.D.  1-13-2013

Very great class! Very informative & interactive. Instructor was very knowledgeable.

Cassandra N.  1-12-2013

Fabulous class! Easy to ask questions & clear lectures! Very helpful study guide.

Melissa T.  1-11-2013

Well organized facility. Instructor was informative & entertaining.

Carmen A.  1-04-2013

The course [BLS] was definitely FUN and very professionally presented.

Sean M.  1-02-2013

Our instructor David is very good. He has mastery of the subject. He made the class very interesting and not boring. He's the best!

Maria C., RN  12-30-2012

I love taking classes at this facility because they are detailed and thorough and you leave with a lot of useful knowledge.

Michelle P.  12-16-2012

Very comfortable and stress free environment -- I learn something every time. I feel the instructors really care about preparing us to use these skills well in the real world.

Veronica C., RN  12-07-2012

Bethanie & David create a mellow, fun environment that engages all participants. They truly want you to be successful!

Sara S., RN  10-04-2012

Instructor was really good--best CPR class I have taken. Great humor, great instrucion--very impressed.

Beth S.  10-04-2012

Awesome! John is down to earth, energetic, & informative. This is my second course taken at Lifesaver Ed. I pay the $145 out of pocket because I feel more comfortable here than taking the course at my hospital. Being comfortable allows me to be able to learn more. Love this place!

Erin M., NP  9-18-2012

I always use Lifesaver Education AND recommend for all my CEUs and my colleagues. Love this place, and staff.

Sandra N., RN  7-01-2012

I love coming to Lifesaver Ed. I always have and will come back to renew all of my certifications. It's a great, relaxed learning environment, the staff is great and people travel from very far just to come here!

Jessica A., RN  6-30-2012

This was the best ACLS course I have experienced. I felt I learned more than in others, instructor straightforward, easy to understand, spoke clearly.

Terri G., RN  5-06-2012

Everything was simple, easy to understand, stress-free. Would drive the same distance (80 miles) to attend again.

Edward A.  5-02-2012

Excellent -- I have taken ACLS many times. Learned things today I have never heard before.

Kelly K., RN  4-13-2012

You guys made a scary & confusing process [ACLS] easy & understandable! Thank you!

Elena E.  3-29-2012

Always "A-1" in all aspects every time.

Bonnie B.  3-24-2012

Best teachers I have ever had! Great course. Would recert here. This was better than my last class. Less stressfull and more helpful!

Victoria P., RN  3-21-2012

This place is great. all the instructors are awesome.

Rowena O., RN  11-19-2011

Best CPR course I've taken in the last 15 years.

Carey G.  11-09-2011

Lifesaver Education is the way to go for ACLS and BLS classes. Fast, superior, no stress classes with awesome instructors. I highly recommend them.

Bonnie B., CRNA student  11-01-2011

This is one of the best BLS/CPR courses I have ever taken! The instrutor was very informative and helpful, and very approachable with questions I had! I would recommend this course to friends!

Michelle L.  10-10-2011

A great course (ECG & Pharmacology). Glad it is offfered prior to taking ACLS. Instructor was great and very competent. I feel more confident and knowledgeable about reading EKG strips. Thanks!

Maria L.  8-20-2011

I have had the best learing experience at this company. Instructors extremely knowledgeable & approachable, technology used was outstanding, & facility was awesome! I will definitely be coming back for more classes! Thanks guys!

Natalie O., RN  7-09-2011

I came all the way from O.C. because I heard good things about this class. Instructors are efficient and keep it fun. Facility is nice and clean. Kind people who care about the well being of the students attending!

Monica P., RN  5-22-2011

Excellent instruction -- best PALS class I ever took -- instruction simple, fun and easy to apply to job skills. I will be recerting all my courses here from now on.

Angela D.  3-17-2011

John is an expert at communication of the important points. The handout sent electronically prior to the course was very valuable. [PALS]

Beverly B., MD  3-03-2011

This was the best ACLS course I've taken! Thank you for covering what is important & relevant to our jobs (& not reviewing the "filler" stuff.) Nice facility too -- thanks for the snacks & coffee. Great job! [ACLS]

Lacy D., RN  2-28-2011

Excellent instruction made it very clear for the new grads; students readily asked questions. Great course. [ACLS]

Holly N., RN  1-30-2011

Wanted to let you know . . . great class! I sure have been through a lot of CEUs -- this was definitely the best. Will pass along flyers to co-workers. Thank you for your professionalism. [NRP]

Shelly F., RN, MSN, FNP, PHN  1-16-2011

Amazing environment. Never a dull moment. Instructors were clear and concise. Was able to learn a lot despite being a little under the weather. Highly recommend! Exceeded my expectations. [ACLS]

Mystery Student  1-13-2011

Optimal learning facilities and environment. Instructor extremely proficient, knowledgeable and mindful of various student learning styles (i.e. visual vs. auditory). Relaxed and supportive environment.

Maria M., P.A.  12-26-2010

Awesome class! Best instructor I've ever had. All equipment was in excellent working order. Great faciliites!

Cynthia C., PA  12-10-2010

My employer offers these same classes free of charge but I always choose to come here to Lifesaver because of such an enjoyable experience each time I come here. I will be back on my next renewal.

Roselyn G., RN  11-30-2010

Great instructors; they repeat and give mnemonics; great home study tests and materials with CD so I could study & test myself before the class and watch videos--Overall great teaching methods. Thank you.

Sue M., RN  10-29-2010

I came from the West Side 2 times now because the course was concise and taught in a manner conducive to test phobias! --and still was motivated to learn it vs. get through it.

Linda M., RN  10-21-2010

Great class, I enjoyed the teaching. Great instructors. Clear, concise, easy to remember. The best teaching module I have seen yet. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Roxanne B., RN  7-29-2010

It was great. The best class I've taken yet. [ACLS]

Grace K., M.D.  7-21-2010

Great class instructors. Go above and beyond the minimum to help students understand why things are done.

Luis V., RT  6-08-2010

The course was fantastic. I was really worried/nervous about the mega-case but instructors were so encouraging that I felt quite at ease.

Jeeven B., RN  6-03-2010

I loathe long classes because they drag on & seem unimportant. I wish Bethanie was a professor at UCLA. She was very animated & enthusiastic. Her sweetness, patience & knowledge made it really easy to learn. Natural teacher. I'm coming back for PALS!

Crystal S., Nursing Student  5-04-2010

Excellent instructor. I will always renew at this facility.

Terry K., RN  4-20-2010

The info was clear & to the point. ALL the skills demo[s] were excellent. The instructors DO NOT make us feel incompetent. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Cristina F., RN  4-01-2010

Great Course! Much better than previous courses I've taken.

Isabel A., RN  3-24-2010

This was the best ACLS class I have ever taken. I really enjoyed the study guide & pre-test that was emailed to me prior to class -- that helped tremendously.

Judy M., RN  3-13-2010

I drive all the way from Canoga Park even though there is a center 2 blocks away from my house. I know this place is good!

Andrea A., RN  3-08-2010

I cannot praise this course nor the instructors well enough. I was afraid a one-day PALS class would leave me lacking in knowledge, but I did more hands-on skills [in this class] than any other.

Shivani U., RN  2-12-2010

Best classes I ever took -- and I'm a nurse for 29 years.

Sheran O., RN  2-09-2010

Excellent!!! 4th Renewal and best class I have ever taken. Everything fell into place and made sense. Thanks.

Patricia G., RN  2-01-2010

The pace was good and I appreciate having enough equipment for everyone to practice at the same time.

Letty V., RN  2-01-2010

Everything was made easy to understand, pace of instruction was great and the instructors did a great job of ensuring retention of the material. I learned a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Thanks!

Kimberly B., RN  1-17-2010

Great job! You made this experience extremely beneficial for me. I learned so much, the information was easy to understand and you were available to answer our questions. Your facility is great too!

Dina R., RN  12-30-2009

Excellent teaching & excellent information! (I've heen teaching 26 yrs @ medical facilities)

Rowena O., RN  12-10-2009

I'm very happy with the course. Time went fast, I learned alot and it wasn't boring. Thank you!

Sarah M.  11-29-2009

Class was short, straightforward and concise. Material was communicated in a simple manner. I would highly recommend this class to others. Thank you!

Jan B.  11-29-2009

The instructor communicated clearly, concisely, politely & very patient with students. He was thorough & passionate & practical about the material being taught. He is inspirational.

Liz C., RN  11-25-2009

Thanks for the quality time. I will recommend your training facility to my fellow nurses.

Jose S., RN  11-23-2009

Fantastic class (ECG). I wish I had taken this while I was still in school!

Dan S., RN  11-21-2009

Facilities excellent, top notch equipment. Instructor knowledge exceeded class requirements.

Dane M.  11-07-2009

All ACLS facilities should be modeled after this one.

Pat L., MD  10-24-2009

They're very clear on the subjects/topics discussed and made the class fun. I would highly recommend this class to others.

Kristal, RN  10-07-2009

The entire team is the best across the board.

Veronica P., RN  9-25-2009

The instructors were wonderful. Best training facility I have been to.

Terrell K.  9-23-2009

This was the most organized and efficient course I have taken from AHA, including all past BLS and ACLS courses I have taken. Thank you.

Andrew C., M.D.  9-10-2009

Relaxed environment and instructors which was very helpful in absorbing material. I have taken ACLS before and this time I gained information with much better understanding and ability to apply course concepts in real life.

Judy R., RN  7-29-2009

What an awesome job both instructors did! I will tell everyone I know about this course.

Cindy K.  7-27-2009

I loved this course! Loved the instructors. I really liked how the instructors were friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere was not tense at all, it was great for learning. Good job!

Sherry Y.  7-27-2009

I adore LifesaverEd and recommend it to my colleagues. Always thorough and I feel like I walk away understanding the techniques well.

Catherine W., RN  7-09-2009

Far exceeded anything I expected or have ever seen before in doing this for > 30 years.

Helen B., RN  6-06-2009

The first ACLS class where I feel I walked away with a firm grasp of the key points.

Liz B., M.D.  4-11-2009

Very non-intimidating! Thanks.

Maria A., RN  4-11-2009

This is the 6 or 7th time [taking ACLS] for me (every 2 years) and the best course yet!

Neil M., CRNA   4-11-2009

Very nice individual learning - cares about our knowledge level and how we will perform.

Stewart G., M.D.  4-11-2009

Great class! I have never taken PALS before, but I feel fairly confident now in my ability to perform in an emergency.

Stephanie S., RN  12-21-2016

I have been taking my classes for years with Lifesaver Education. I've gone to other classes but return because it's very informative in a comfortable setting.

Jennifer L., RN  11-28-2016

John is calm, thorough, practical and efficient. The facility is always clean and comfortable. Love the beverage and food options!

Jill B., RN  10-24-2016

The whole process was incredibly easy. Easy to enroll, facility was easy to find, and class setting was great!

George G.  8-15-2016

This was an extremely excellent course. I was nervous at first but left feeling fully confident. By far the best CPR class I have ever attended. The instructor was fantastic and put me at ease with great instructions and his personality.

Michelle H.  8-10-2016

Instructor was very helpful, he gave detailed reasoning about CPR techniques and provided a clear understanding of course material. Great instructor!!

Tiffany G.  7-03-2016

The instructor did a great job in delivering the material and encouraging us to learn the most important information to keep our patients safe.

Tveen K., RCP  6-22-2016

Great job clearly explaining material and preparing for the exam.

Gil I., DDS, MD  6-14-2016

This was the best BLS class that I've had so far. The instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.

Linda H., RN  6-13-2016

The facility is extremely clean and welcoming. Well taught course. Very effective & enjoyable.

Lissette E.  3-19-2016

I left the class feeling even more confident in my CPR skills.

Davianie C., RN  2-22-2016

I love everything about Lifesaver Ed. Instructor, clarity, learning environment, availability of equipment & location.

Annie G., RN  2-15-2016

Nice facility & instructor. Great to have an instructor with real life experience & lots of training.

Michelle H.  2-04-2016

John makes the content applicable and is current on treatments. I liked the integration of vital signs in each of the scenario videos - nice touch =)

Samantha M, RN  1-09-2016

I have been coming to Bethanie's classes for NRP, ACLS, BLS for the past 7 years and I love the way she teaches. Very pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Sandra S., RN  11-28-2015

I am very impressed with this ACLS course. I feel for the 1st time I actually was able to slow down, think & use the skills I have learned. I would gladly pay the $145 fee & take this exact re-cert. course again in 2017 vs. taking it for free at my workplace because I feel it is totally worth it!

Shelley B., RN  10-31-2015

Very comfortable setting, website helped with parking and most importantly, instructor was great and very helpful!

Eric P.  10-07-2015

This is my 9th year with Lifesaver Education. Looking forward to returning next year for my ACLS renewal.

Jane K.  9-29-2015

Very thorough & patient! Walked through each step to make sure we understand it. This is my first ACLS course, and I would definitely do my renewals here and recommend the program!

Yvanka V.  9-25-2015

I am highly satisfied with the method of instruction and interaction which made a great learning experience.

Rebecca L., RN  8-30-2015

I am very satisfied with the delivery method. The learning environment is not stressful, but very encouraging. I am able to understand ACLS a little better. It made more sense.

Phuong T.  8-23-2015

100% satisfied, that's why I keep coming back.

Kimberly H.  8-09-2015

Excellent experience, I have been coming here for 5 years and haven't been disappointed.

Virginia G.  8-09-2015

Very efficient and organized. Instructor was very well prepared.

Nicole V.   7-29-2015

The course was straightforward and clear. A good refresher. Instructor was very organized and provided clear directions. Facility/materials provided good learning environment.

Colleen T.  7-25-2015

I like that the [ACLS] course (and especially John) was no nonsense and straight to the point.

Cheryl S., RN  7-21-2015

Very professional and informative. Smoothly transitioned between every topic.

Maureen A.  7-01-2015

Jeremiah was very informative and easy going. Made the experience less intimidating and enjoyable. Thanks!

Tara C., RN  6-30-2015

The class was very helpful and made me more confident using for using CPR in the future. David, was an awesome instructor.

Kelly C., RN Student  6-15-2015

I have been privileged to come to Lifesaver Education before for other classes. My ACLS Renewal was up so I knew exactly who to come to this time as well. John was my teacher last time and it was great to have him again. David is also a great teacher with skills as well.

Veronica S., RN  4-29-2015

I was very pleased with the education I received and hands-on practice taught by Thanh.

Olivia M., Nursing Student  4-29-2015

The instructors were very knowledgeable and made the concepts more simple and understandable. The facility was great in providing comfortable chairs, drinks, and snacks.

Ngin O., PA  4-09-2015

Very comfortable and concise. David made the learning environment entertaining and accommodating.

Jeffrey Z., RN  3-20-2015

The instructor was very good; he highlighted the important points, and explained why things are done a certain way. Excellent course!

Monica N.  3-20-2015

I really enjoyed this course. The instructors were great and friendly. The environment was non-threatening, which made it very easy to learn. I would take this class again.

Stephanie W., RN  3-06-2015

I am very satisfied with this course. No pressure and they make sure you understand the course before you leave the class.

Amber A., RN  2-25-2015

I highly appreciated the instructor sharing his experiences in the healthcare industry. The educational experience was awesome!

Rumela L., RN  2-13-2015

I learned a lot from this class. The instructor was very good at following the objectives and answering questions.

Stephanie M., RN  2-04-2015

Facility is very clean and provides appropriate equipment to practice CPR properly, while maintaining sanitary conditions. I really enjoyed Thanh's teaching abilities.

Ingrid C.  2-03-2015

The course was clear and the instructor was great. She went all over the important points and there was adequate practice time.

Jacqueline M.  1-20-2015

I love this class, very easy to enroll, good teaching and clean environment.

Benna D., RN  12-29-2014

Bethanie was awesome, knowledgeable, smart, with an incredible ability to teach. Will definitely be back!

Theresa G., RN  11-24-2014

I really loved the course, I really feel as if the goal was to ameliorate our skills as health providers and not just go through the motions like other classes I have taken.

Marie S., RN  11-06-2014

This course was very informative and enjoyable thanks to instructor David Lamb. His experience as an emergency medical service provider, along with his humor made for a great course!

Kelsey M.  9-19-2014

Great Course! I think I am really prepared for my critical care nursing course at this point. Thank you!

Amanda V., Student  9-04-2014

Good location and really good instructor. Very thorough and he made sure we understood the material.

Andre W.  8-30-2014

Jason was extremely effective as an Instructor. This is my 3rd time here to renew my BLS license and he is by far the best! :) I will be back in 2 years!

Penelope B.  8-16-2014

Excellent as always. Even though my work/school offers renewal classes for free, I always come here because the instruction is superior and efficient.

Robert A., RN  7-13-2014

Thank you! The facility was great, clean, modern and has comfy chairs. The coffee and snacks are a nice treat. Most importantly, John was awesome.

Kayla H., RN  7-01-2014

I have taken the course with John multiple times and I always learn a ton and have a good time!

Christie W., RN  6-28-2014

Best ACLS renewal course I have ever taken!

Meghan M., RN  6-25-2014

Awesome instructor. Worth the commute from Santa Monica. Very good explanations and instructions are simple, clear and straight forward.

Carey G., PA  6-16-2014

I love this place. Instructor was exceptionally knowledgeable and engaging.

Anne G., RN  6-05-2014

Super awesome and enjoyable class. you're the best David !! :)

Rochelle D. PCA  5-31-2014

Excellent Course. John is a very good instructor. The classes are well paced and perfect for anxious test-takers. You come out of these classes ready and educated!

Chandana B., MD  5-24-2014

Material was presented clearly and Edward was great with answering questions and was a great instructor. Would definitely recommend this class.

Susan S., PA Student  5-06-2014

Very professional and well taught, the Instructor was friendly and took the time to answer all questions.

Jessica D.  4-26-2014

Mr. Khachikyan has a great energy and made the learning environment comfortable.

Jennifer K., RN  4-23-2014

Facility and equipment are organized and clean. The Instructor was funny and positive, making the class an enjoyable experience.

Leslie L., RN Student  4-16-2014

Great instructors. David and Bethanie were patient, helpful and outstanding overall.

Linzi H., Nursing Student  3-28-2014

Outstanding service! Organized to the max. Clean, helpful and seriously good education.

Sheryl G., PT  3-06-2014

Great course! Fun instructor that was very easy-going and created a comfortable learning environment.

Christine B., OT  2-14-2014

Straight forward explanations that were easy to remember. Clearly guided simulations. Thanks for the tea and coffee!

Kimberly C. LVN  2-07-2014

I am very pleased with Lifesaver! The course & especially the study guide, was very concise and to the point. They provided exceptional learning tools! THANKS!

Raechel S. RN  2-04-2014

Mr. John was awesome!!! He allowed you to learn and correct your own mistakes

Alena S. RN  1-06-2014

Very clean facility and the instructor David Lamb teaches and demonstrates the lessons in clear and concise manner with the occasional use of humor!

Fidencio D. RN  12-30-2013

Overall Excellent! Will come again definitely!

Christopher W.  11-30-2013

Thank you. Great review! Calm and relaxing environment. I really enjoyed the mega code. Thank you!

Veronica A., RN  11-30-2013

John was able to meet course objectives and is very knowledgeable re: course and beyond; and because of this, my knowledge of EKG has increased significantly.

Norina T., RN  8-01-2013

Very good [ACLS] class. Very innovative, informative.

Kerry F., RN  7-26-2013

Very highly satisfied; course was conducted very professionally in a relaxed environment.

Lynn G., Dental Asst.  7-21-2013

[ECG] Organized = less stress & more "impressed." Great method of instruction by John H. Fun, lighthearted, knowledgeable.

Kimberly J., RN  7-20-2013

Nice review of pertinent [ACLS] concepts by instructor.

Peter L., MD  7-13-2013

The summary review provided before class very thorough & practice of skills & review during class well organized.

Helen M., RN  7-07-2013

A very nice facility with really good hands-on instruction [BLS]. I would recommend this facility to others.

Janelle J.  7-06-2013

The instructors and facilities were both excellent. I would not hesitate to enroll again.

Oliver R., RN  6-28-2013

[BLS] Excellent. Clear. Easy to learn.

Heather K., O.T.  6-24-2013

[BLS] Very well run. Timely and efficient.

David L.  6-23-2013

It's always a pleasure. [ACLS] Well educated. Instructors who communicate clearly. Non-threatening.

Kathleen B., RN  6-21-2013

The [ACLS] class is great and the instructors are more than helpful & want you to succeed.

Jason S.  6-15-2013

Very relaxed [ACLS] classroom atmosphere. It made things so much more enjoyable.

Amanda P., RN  6-09-2013

Instructor did an excellent job of presenting material and was very positive & encouraging.

Roberta H.  5-29-2013

Excellent instructor [Nancy] - clear, knowledgeable, concise!

Aileen S.  5-18-2013

No stress, easy to learn. Thanks [ACLS R]

Lilia P., RN  5-13-2013

Time managed well, great instructor, uptempo and great facility!

Natasha A., RN  5-11-2013

Best instructor ever! [Jimmy] Very smart, informative, clear and effective in teaching! [BLS] Would highly recommend!

Julianna Scala  5-01-2013

Great experience! My 4th recert [ACLS], will be back in June for PALS!

Amanda S., RN  4-27-2013

Clear and straight to the point. Stress-free. [ACLS]

Jasmin C., RN  4-21-2013

Instructors were amazing / warm. I would recommend this course [Heartsaver CPR AED] for anyone.

Luci G.  4-20-2013

Very organized; clear instruction in a supportive manner.

Juliana E., RN  4-15-2013

John is a great instructor, very knowledgeable & patient. Made the whole experience [ACLS] enjoyable.

Geoff N., PRN  4-10-2013

I have attended 3 courses similar to this one [ECG]. BY FAR, John is the best instructor I have ever had. Made things clear so one could remember.

Cathy H., RN  4-02-2013

Course was informative, but also streamlined and efficient. Staff (educators) very organized, knowledgeable, & friendly.

Tiffany S., RN  3-28-2013

I've taken a lot of these courses: BLS, PALS, ACLS, etc., this was by far the best one.

Kristopher S., DDS  3-25-2013

Great. Most effective CPR class I have ever taken, thank you! Your method is very clear, to the point, and understandable.

Annie D.  3-22-2013

Best course I've been to during my time as a health professional.

Jenny L.  3-14-2013

Classes are very informative, stress-free gave me the confidence to apply my knowledge. Extremely satisfied!

Deborah M.  3-11-2013

Very comfortable environment, stress free, fun-filled, friendly class.

Deborah M.  2-28-2013

The course [BLS] was great, outstanding and funny too. Learning was exciting and hands-on. I would take it again! Next time... Thank you!

Norma H.  2-24-2013

I appreciated the calm, very organized sequence of teaching about child & infant CPR.

Rumela L.  2-21-2013

Even though my job offers these classes for free, I would rather come here. Comfortable, beautiful educational tools, etc.

Nida C., RN  2-11-2013

Love the big screen TV's and professional classroom setting.

Anne Marie D., RN  2-05-2013

I've taken at least 8 ACLS courses and this was the best. The program is very stream-lined.

Cindy B., RN  2-02-2013

Awesome, nothing else to say!

Hojoo S.  2-01-2013

Everyone was very friendly and everything was very comfortable and fun.

Jorge A.  1-30-2013

Great instructor -- down to earth, humorous, informative.

Amy T., Teacher  1-30-2013

Always enjoy the instruction at this facility. I renew my BLS and ACLS here every 2 years.

Yolanda T., ICU  1-28-2013

Great enthusiasm! Fun and positive experience as always. [BLS]

Rochelle R., RN  1-23-2013

Great instructor! Loved the humor incorporated in the class! [BLS]

Joanne B., RN  1-21-2013

Instructor was very clear and delivered the material [for ECG] in a way that made it easy to remember.

Kevin W., RN  1-16-2013

Instructor did a good job of relating information and skills into real situations.

Frances R.  1-11-2013

As advertised, class is low-stress and comfortable. Learning objectives are clear, and I'll never take ACLS at another facility.

Renee C.  1-06-2013

My instructors were excellent. They both made the [ACLS] class exciting and fun. Time actually flew by. I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues and friends.

Linda P., RT  12-31-2012

This is my third renewal with Lifesaver Education. I like coming here because it is a low stress environment and when I leave I feel like I really know the material.

Natasha P., RN  12-17-2012

David really makes what could be a dull, tedious Saturday morning fun and you learn (whether you want to or not.) I feel like a BLS surper hero.

Regina C., RN  12-01-2012

Excellent approach to teaching the course in a freindly, non-intimidating environment. Repeat course-taker. Will certainly return in 2 years for renewal. The Best course I've ever taken!

Gina S., MD  11-06-2012

I was happy that this course was taught to accommodate all levels. I was worried that with bing a new grad with the rest of the class being practicing professionals I would be at a disadvantage, but material was all covered.

Christina V., RN  10-04-2012

Very well done. This is my 4th class BLS/PALS with your company and I always enjoy the ease.

Katherine S.  8-21-2012

Very flexible schedule -- accommodated my very limited time frame perfectly. Highly recommended. All staff I spoke with / worked with were knowledgeable, professional, and helpful.

Emma G.  7-10-2012

Lifesaver is amazing! I have taken BLS, ACLS and NRP here. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Erica G., RN  5-22-2012

Repeat certification at your facility ACLS & PALS because of quality & competency of staff; visual aids (ie. DVD/Videos); equipment, comfort of facilities; love, love love!! Although I live in West L.A. I am willing to travel.

Carla H., RN  5-20-2012

Completely satisfied. Environment is so friendly, very good class discussion. I would gladly recommend to friends in the future.

Rolinda M., RN  4-23-2012

The class was taught by great instructors who made learning the NRP content easy and comforable and fun. Enjoyed the class and learned alot.

Michelle Z., RN  4-11-2012

The facility, equipment, and instruction was top notch and impressive.

Alma E., RN  3-28-2012

I felt "extremely" comfortable and at ease with both instructors. I drove 89 miles, one way, and I'll do it again!

Francisco M., RN  3-21-2012

Very well equipped facility, great instructor! Very satisfied and will not only recommend but will return for recertification.

Thor F., RN  11-21-2011

Just fantastic! I will keep coming back and referring others. Thanks so much!

Christina T., RN  10-29-2011

I receive better training and education here than at my own hospital facility. I pay to take this course because it's worth every penny.

Althea D., LVN  10-22-2011

This place and the instructors are amazing! Best place I've been to and will recommend! Thank you.

Deborah T., RN  9-03-2011

I was very impressed with the course, facilities, and instructors. I have taken other ACLS/BLS courses before and this was (by far) the best and most concise, and the place I learned the most.

Erin W., MD  8-21-2011

I love taking classes at Lifesaver. The facility is super clean and updated. The staff is awesome!

Jasmine C., RN  7-12-2011

Really satisfied with this course, the instructors kept it engaging and fun. Would recommend to others.

Andrew R., MD  6-08-2011

Instructors were clear, concise, and very helpful. Great facility. Great learning environment. I definiely feel like I'm leaving here with gained knowledge.

Maria T., RN  6-08-2011

This place is awesome! The only reason I don't always come for BLS/ACLS is because my work offers classes. You guys are way better though! Highly recommend!

Lynette M., RN  5-12-2011

Lifesaver Ed has the best classes! I plan to take all future classes here and I frequently recommend Lifesaver to coworkers. [ACLS]

Leigh W., RN  3-06-2011

I like the facility & the instructors, even though I have to drive a distance. Instructors are good & very clear and knowledgeable in their instruction. Relaxing environment. [ACLS]

Frances M., RN  2-28-2011

Instructor was good at communicating & at putting us at ease for testing. Thank you! [NRP]

Gizelle D., RT  2-17-2011

NRP, a no-stress, small group, learn a lot class. A very nice & patient instructor. Overall satisfaction = 100%. Thank you. [NICU Nurse, NRP]

Wanvilai L., RN  2-17-2011

I loved this class. Clean and calm environment to learn. Clear and informative lecture. Enough equipment. I'll come back! [BLS]

Hojoo S., Student Nurse  1-24-2011

I was very impressed with the instructors' knowledge, teaching and professionalism. I learned a lot from this course and would recommend it to anyone looking to become NRP certified.

Christa S., RN Student  1-14-2011

This was a wonderful experience! I am going to come back & take PALS. Amazing! I learned so much & my confidence grew!

Emilly A., RN  12-30-2010

This is my first time taking ACLS. I feel confident in my ability to perform ACLS after taking both the ECG & ACLS courses. Teachers were excellent. I particularly liked the ACLS "game."

Christina B., RN  12-20-2010

I learned a significant amount of information in a short amount of time. The class was clear, conscise, and fun. Thank you so much!

Cresta R., RN Student  12-17-2010

This course is definitely the best ACLS course I've taken in all my years as a healthcare provider. That's why I like to renew with this group.

Cheryl C., RN  11-27-2010

Best CPR course I've taken. I really appreciated the small class size and the cleanliness of the equipment being used. I traveled quite a distance to take this course so I can learn and apply my skills learned with confidence. It was definitely worth the drive. Thanks.

Thao P., DDS  11-03-2010

John is an excellent instructor! Fast, comprehensive and to the point! Excellent facilities. Best course of its kind I have taken. [PALS]

Shannon G., MD  10-19-2010

The facility exceeded my expectations and was really impressive, the instructor was upbeat, clear and concise. I will be returning to take all of my continung ed classes at this facility only.


I am able to have my BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP courses paid for at my hospital. However, I choose to come to Lifesaver and pay out of my pocket because I always have a wonderful experience here and I learn something every time. Thank you!

Josh H., RT  6-15-2010

This place is great! Clean, efficient, workable class size; tons of class times/dates offered; instructor awesome! [BLS]

Lynette M.  5-07-2010

Very funny & informative instructors. Didn't feel like a class! Great job, Lifesaver Ed!!

Sara D., Med Student  4-27-2010

A comprehensive review and testing in BLS in a small group and organized program.

Mary N., RN  4-23-2010

Best PALS class I have ever taken. Keep up the awesome work!

Iliana B., RN  4-23-2010

This is the 5th course I have taken since September with you. My new employer pays for our certification by their educator, but the level of quality/comfort here is unsurpassed. Thank you!

Reese D., RN  4-20-2010

Best ACLS class! Great instruction. Low stress, but thorough--could have the class free elsewhere, but it's worth it to know what I'm doing.

Bethany F., RN  3-19-2010

Worth the $ and drive.

Julie S., RN  3-08-2010

Definitely better than my previous class. I will surely recommend this to other nurses & I will definitely be back for my other certifications.

Edwin C., RN  3-08-2010

Great instructors -- have referred others here -- group coming next week.

Eileen D., RN  2-12-2010

Truly impressed with your company, the employees, the facility and the quality of classes offered. Professional from the first phone call to include your website. Thanks for a memorable day.

Cynthia P., RN  2-10-2010

Just love it. It's thoughtful, I learn and I'm comfortable, and it's worth every penny. I came here when I could have taken it free, but its not worth the hassle at the free place.

Dianne S., RN  2-01-2010

Very informative, fun, stress-free, highly recommended.

Amales V., RN  1-17-2010

This course REALLY needs to be suggested during nursing school. Simply not covered adequately during school. Very easy to learn & understand rhythms. Thank you!

April M., RN  1-16-2010

The class and the instructors were as good as the reviews from previous students said they would be. John is extremely knowledgeable and easy to follow.

Gia G., student nurse  12-30-2009

Fantastic class (ECG). I wish I had taken this while I was still in school!

Dan S., RN  12-10-2009

Facility is great. Excellent teacher. Supportive. Creates an environment that feels safe. Thank you.

Anne B., RN  12-01-2009

I have been an RN for 17 years. This ACLS class has by far been the best I have taken. I actually feel as though I know & understand the ACLS process better than ever.

Kimberly H., RN  11-29-2009

As usual, excellent class. Bethanie runs a top notch class and is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend her classes!

John H., RN  11-28-2009

Great instructor. I really enjoyed the class, learned a lot in a comfortable environment. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks!

Jayme D., RN Student  11-24-2009

Excellent teaching & excellent information! (I've been testing 26 years at medical facilities.)

Rowena O., RN  11-21-2009

I have just completed this class (ECG Pharmacology) given by John and felt compelled to write. I have never enjoyed a class more. John was informative and fun. His high level of knowledge was obvious, and yet his presentation was informal and non-threatening. Thank you very much.

Pam A., RN  11-08-2009

This is the best place to recertify! I will be back again!

Robert O., CRNA  9-26-2009

Excellent teaching techniques - reduced nervousness, made me feel confident.

Mary S., N.P.  9-23-2009

Thank you for the excellent and helpful PALS class I took on September 21, 2009. After being a nurse for 30 years, you made interpreting rythms so much clearer.

Rosie Y.  9-21-2009

Instructors were motivating, enthusiastic, and knowledgable. Classroom condition and equipment was pristine. Breaks were adequate.

Ireena S., RN  7-29-2009

I have taken ACLS several times before and this course by far was the best! Best instructors, facility, equipment, environment for learning and competence! Thank you!

Elen C., RN  7-29-2009

I was very satisfied with the course. Both instructors were very knowledgeable and kept the class interesting. The equipment was clean and each student had their own dummy. I would definitely come back for any of my certification requirements.

Diana B., RN  7-27-2009

This was BY FAR the best class I've taken. To the point, relevent, easy to understand and follow.

Erin S., PA  6-11-2009

This is the best PALS course I've taken. Very applicable, interesting, very useful.

Mary N., RN  5-29-2009

I love the small class and one to one contact teaching

Edith C., R.N.  4-11-2009

Great supplemental teaching handouts! The instructor was great at emphasizing important points.

Amy C., M.D.  4-11-2009

Fabulous! I can’t believe that I finally did ACLS!! This class was made as low stress as possible and I was petrified! All was great! I have avoided ACLS my entire nursing career - I can’t believe I’m done with this!

Jacinta L., RN  4-11-2009

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