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PALS Classes - Pediatric Advanced Life Support

  • An advanced class designed to teach students how to respond to children with respiratory problems, shock, abnormal heart rhythms, and cardiac arrest
  • The ECG course is highly recommended before taking PALS
  • BLS can be added on to your class at registration


Designed for pediatricians, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, emergency physicians, and other healthcare providers who care for infants and children. The PALS course teaches participants:

  • to recognize infants and children at risk for cardiopulmonary arrest
  • strategies needed to prevent cardiopulmonary arrest in infants and children
  • skills needed to resuscitate and stabilize infants and children in respiratory failure, shock, or cardiopulmonary arrest.
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The PALS Study Guide will be e-mailed to you following registration for your PALS class.

The update class is a one day class.  The certification class is offered as a popular extended one day class or traditional two day class, depending upon student preference.  Choose a date below to register.  Your testing schedule will be arranged on the day of your class.

PLEASE NOTE:  BLS RENEWAL CAN BE ADDED ON TO ANY PALS CLASS DURING YOUR REGISTRATION PROCESS.  This allows you to get both cards on the same day while only completing the written test and additional skills testing following your PALS class.  In order to qualify for this option, you must be able to show a current BLS provider card.  We will provide a study guide and review to assist you.

PRIVATE TUTORING: One hour of private tutoring can be scheduled on most days prior to the start of the class. The tutoring starts 2 hours prior to class time. One hour of individualized tutoring and class prep with the instructor is followed by one hour of individual study time for the student. There is a charge of $60 for this option. Call the office at 626-441-3406 to schedule.

PALS Certification - $195.00

Select a date and REGISTER ONLINE. It's fast and easy.

PALS Renewal (Update) - $150.00

Select a date and REGISTER ONLINE. It's fast and easy.

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