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CPR Device Helps Save Lives

Early CPR is a key to survival for someone who is having a cardiac event. Getting the blood flowing to the heart and the brain significantly increases the likelihood that someone will live through a heart attack. However, many people are not trained to properly provide this life saving care. CPR RsQ Assist is a product that is designed to increase a victim's odds of survival, even if a trained caregiver is not immediately available.

This product has a large round base and handles that make giving CPR both easier on the victim and the caregiver. For the victim, the base of the device spreads the force generated by the compressions over a greater area of the chest cavity. This decreases the amount of stress placed on the bones of the ribcage, which reduces the chances of inadvertently injuring the patient. The handles provide more leverage for the caregiver. This reduces fatigue and increases the amount of time someone can provide care before having to quit due to exhaustion.

The CPR RsQ Assist also has audio queues that remind caregivers to first call 911, and then it instructs them on how to properly perform CPR. The device also has an audio and visual metronome feature that sets the proper pace of the compressions. This is a key element to the device since compressions are typically done too slowly, especially when the caregiver is tired.

Obviously, this device is promising. It gives a very basic understanding of CPR in an extremely short amount of time. The risk, however, is that having this device will cause complacency among agencies that now provide CPR training for its employees. Formal CPR training is extensive, and covers a far wider range of life saving skills than just how fast and hard to push during chest compressions. While this product does have the potential to save lives, it should not be used as a substitute for formal CPR training.

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