Excellent delivery, facility, and instructors. Both instructors are knowledgeable, kind, and provided safe and fun learning environment. Only downside is lack of parking but overall excellent and satisfied.

EUNICE S. 1-29-18

This is by far the best BLS and ACLS course I have ever taken. Bethanie focuses on relevant information and is highly knowledgeable about the content. She answers all of my questions. She's brilliant!

Adriana E. 1-29-18

It gets better everytime!

anonymous 5-14-17

Extremely Satisfied - completely met my needs. Feel confident about handling situations covered.


This is my 9th year with Lifesaver Education. Looking forward to returning next year for my ACLS renewal.

Marc Weigenberg 6-21-17

I really enjoy taking classes here. Instructors keep you engaged and provide real life stories and examples of how to apply material. Classroom better to practice skills / get questions answered.

Margie La Tondre 4-29-17

Awesome instructors in a great facility; class was very well organized. Great experience with megacode simulation.


I really appreciated the amount of actual compression and breathing training done. The facility is outstanding and very comfortable. Thanks Bethanie for a great place to take ACLS and BLS!

Robert V. 2-9-16

Great location, clean and up-to-date facillity/equipment. Great instructors who know their stuff and explain topics very well.

Ciara Y 1-10-16

Excellent overall!!! I love how clean your facility is, how comfortable you make the attendees feel; coffee, tea, snacks are wonderful. And John as usual provides superb teaching instruction.

Wendy H., RN 9-12-16

The information sent to me after I enrolled were excellent. The study guide as always really prepared me for the course. I especially found the pre-test online incredibly helpful. This is the most prepared I've felt for recertification.

Jane K. 9-29-15

Very thorough & patient! Walked through each step to make sure we understand it. This is my first ACLS course, and I would definitely do my renewals here and recommend the program!

Yvanka V. 9-25-15

Best non stressful, informative, easy to learn ACLS class out there!

Sara Z., RN 8-30-14

Great course. This is my 3rd ACLS Renewal at Lifesaver Ed and I prefer to come here than get a random instructor at work. I know I will learn here.

Leigh W., RN 3-26-13

As advertised, class is low-stress and comfortable. Learning objectives are clear, and I'll never take ACLS at another facility.

Renee C. 1-6-13

The (ACLS) lessons were clear, plenty of visuals and hands on practice. Very well equipt. Instructors were enthusiastic and very approachable.

Serothil N., MD 10-29-11

I would recommend taking the ACLS course here to everyone. It was fantastic. Thank you for making it as 'stressless' as possible.

Erin S., RN 12-4-10

Best ACLS class! Great instruction. Low stress, but thorough--could have the class free elsewhere, but it's worth it to know what I'm doing.

Bethany F., RN 3-19-10

Really enjoy and trust the quality. [BLS]

Rebecca B., Intern 5-22-13

This is one of the best BLS/CPR courses I have ever taken! The instructor was very informative and helpful, and very approachable with questions I had! I would recommend this course to friends!

Michelle L. 10-10-11

I love taking courses here. No stress, clear instruction and ease in scheduling. I prefer this over course at work - very thorough and without stress.

Monica Grover 4-27-17

Excellent course! I have been coming for years - All the way from Orange County!

Terra Shepler 6-24-17

Great facility, easy to schedule classes. Nice clean classroom and equipment. Instructor is professional and class outline easy to follow.

RAQUEL P. 8-17-17

Very easy to understand even if it's your first time :)


Been going here for renewals three years and counting. There's a reason I keep coming back. You guys are fantastic! :)


I love the way classes are taught here and I would go out of my way to re-certify here. Keep it up!


I always enjoy coming to this facility. I take a long drive but it's worth it. I always leave feeling confident in my skills. Instructors here are awesome.

DAVIANIE C. 12-29-17

As usual, excellent course & lots of interesting clinical info. Always learn something new from Bethanie's [ACLS] class & I have been in practice for 30 years.

Yvonne P., RN  7-26-2016

The (ACLS) lessons were clear, plenty of visuals and hands on practice. Very well equipt. Instructors were enthusiastic and very approachable.I felt that this class was a very good way of reviewing CPR. Kevin is very easy going and made the class stress free.

ESPERANZA T.  11-23-2016

Wonderful class. All lessons were taught with clarity. I had a very enjoyable time. Grateful for all the hands on practice.

Gerry O.  7-27-2016

The instructor was great! Loved his energy and teaching style.

Michelle O., LVN  6-10-2016

I left the class feeling even more confident in my CPR skills.

Davianie C., RN  2-22-2016

This was a great course! The instructor was fun and energetic, and made everyone feel confident and capable.

Traci B., NP 6-29-13

Hands down the best ACLS course I have been to in 8 years of nursing. Drove 3.5 hours to attend. Very knowledgeable instructor.

JUSTIN B., RN 3-14-14

The [ACLS] class is great and the instructors are more than helpful & want you to succeed.

Jason S. 6-15-13

Always enjoy the instruction at this facility. I renew my BLS and ACLS here every 2 years.

Yolanda T., ICU 1-28-13

You guys made a scary & confusing process [ACLS] easy & understandable! Thank you!

Elena E. 3-29-12

Overall this was an overwhelmingly friendly and positive experience with first-rate teaching. Thank you so very much for making ACLS fun and non-threatening.

Paul H., MD 5-14-11

Fabulous! I can’t believe that I finally did ACLS!! This class was made as low stress as possible and I was petrified! All was great! I have avoided ACLS my entire nursing career - I can’t believe I’m done with this!

Jacinta L., RN 4-11-09

This was a great class [BLS] for anyone to take regardless of whether they are a medical professional. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone. The instructor was extremely friendly and knowledgeable; he made the class interesting.

Kristy B. 5-6-13

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